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I started taking photos as a child, enjoying capturing the world around me. I always loved the beauty of light and the detail of nature and as I began a career in photography I found as well a love and joy of photographing people. I work in a very relaxed and playful way allowing the people in front of my camera to be at ease with themselves.

At age 12 I set up a dark room at school and began taking photographs for the local newspaper. As I enjoyed photography so much it was natural for me to carry on by studying it and this lead to achieving a National Diploma and BA Degree in photography. Consequently I worked for 10 years as a photographic assistant for many different photographers gaining much insight and a lot experience in this time. I then went onto setting up my own photography business and have worked for 15 years to date as a self employed photographer. I really enjoy  deepening and refining my way of working in this field.

I see the beauty in everyone and enjoy engaging with people that I’m taking photos of during the session. I've observed that if people feel at ease and themselves in front of the camera then they look amazing. In this way I love to support my clients to bring out their unique beauty, playfulness and gorgeousness, so that it can be captured in the photos.

I take photos of my clients in a range of settings from corporate environments to outdoors in nature, to people’s homes and I work with a range of ages from very young to elders.

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